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Cyber Benab is an online meeting place which aims to increase awareness of cybersecurity through online events, such as weekend bootcamps and intensive training courses.


About The Community

At Cyber Benab, our mission is to develop a community of cybersecurity aware enthusiasts and experts with the knowledge to defend critical data and infrastructure for individuals, businesses and government. Cyberbenab will evolve and grow to offer superior cybersecurity training to the UK workforce.

Digital Transformation

In recent years, digitisation has exploded in every aspect of the global economy.

Inherent Risks

This development has increased our reliance on mobile devices to interact with friends and family, work, shopping, news, lifestyle, social media, banking and finance.

Cybersecurity Protection

Economic survival at both a macro and micro level depends on maintaining the security of our devices and personal data.

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Why A Cybersecurity Community

Cybersecurity Skills

The ever changing threat landscape and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure systems require governments and organizations to continuously improve their workforce cybersecurity capabilities. This improvement includes understanding dificiencies in current skillsets and training professionals with requisite skills.

Workforce Needs

A cybersecurity workforce must possess an understanding of the organization's business, technology, and inherent risk to protect their economic or service actitities. This workforce must acquire and manintain both non-technical and technical capabilities to support the delivery of customer service and operations.


Governments and organizations pursue holistic alignment between cybersecurity education, policy, and technology. This alignment includes awareness about the principles of cofidentiality, integrity, and availability. Cybersecurity operators and information systems users are governed by policies. These policies improve practices while protecting data during processing, storage, and transmission.


Our mission at Cyber Benab is to develop a community of cybersecurity aware enthusiasts and experts with the knowledge to defend critical data and infrastructure for individuals, businesses and government.


Develop and explore the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed practicioners who protect essential systems.


Create and train a community of professionals who can protect critical data assets and the trust relationships between people, practices, and processes.

Join Us!

Our cybersecurity weekend bootcomp or 12 week intensive courses will provide you and your team with a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity.

Skills Development

Training Opportunities


Our cybersecurity weekend bootcomp aims to provide both an introduction to cybersecurity and a taster for attendees contemplating a career in the field.


Our intensive 12 weekend course is designed to prepare attendees with skills in networks, systems and security administration, along with threat analysis and defence using simulated lab environments.


A tailored cybersecurity workforce training and awareness program that assesses dificiencies in current capabilities to create improvement strategies. The assessment follows established frameworks and best practices.


Encouragement From Stakeholders


Skills Development

Linux Administration

Command Line Skills

Systems Administration

Technology Management Skills

Network Administration

Over the Wire Skills

Windows Administration

Powershell Skills

Penetration Testing

Hacking & Offensive Skills

Systems Thinking

Critical Analysis Skills

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Risk Management Skills

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Threat and Vulnerability Management Skills
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Community Work

Cyberbenab was developed to support critical infrastructure protection as the nation continues to promote advanced digital transformation. The workforce development programs benefit from rich academic research and knowledge of the United Kingdom's youth development needs.

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  • LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
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